Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finally Crafting!

Well, I dunno if this is called crafting necessarily but it's definitely creating something, which I haven't done in a while.

Two weekends ago I made some salt dough ornaments and they actually turned out pretty decently. I will provide photos when I have several of them painted.

The recipe I used was found at this site: Making Salt Dough Ornaments

I have looked at some other recipes and some call for vegetable oil. I don't know why some call for it and others do not. I don't know what the oil provides to the creation. Does anyone else know?

I have painted just a few of the cut out ornaments with tempera paint and am using a glossy Mod Podge as a sealer. I can't wait to have most painted. I think I will make some more ornaments this upcoming weekend.

I will let O go to town on several of them and give them to her classmates at daycare.

I must say I am heavily addicted to pinterest.com. It's a good addiction, though, because I am actually being more adventurous in the kitchen and I think when it comes to creativity it is revving up my engines.

All of my recipes these days I have pinned on Pinterest and they are so easy to find and use on my phone. It is making "doing" a lot more easier for me.

I must have a million bookmarks that I never look at and have no clue what many of them are. I will someday have a million pins on Pinterest but I am always looking at it because visually/aesthetically it is so pleasing and so easy to remember what is what.

Any who...this wasn't supposed to be an ad for their site. :)

This was just to say yay me for making these ornaments and I will have photos to share soon!


Michelle said...

I made some salt dough ornaments with Sky when he was about 2 years old. I still have some of them! Cool that you are getting an infusion of creative juices.

I LOVE Pinterest. Now I don't spend as much time randomly browsing Etsy, lol.

Donna Nakasue said...

That's a great idea about giving the ornaments to friends. I think I will have K do that for her preschool class!

Zay said...

Michelle, I know, right?!

Donna, I punched out 11 small stars and then painted them purple for her 11 classmates. Purple is our college's color. It's a good background for Oli to just slop on whatever paints she desired. It has school spirit and toddler creativity. :)


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