Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Guess What Day It is?

Hump Day! and Mammogram Day. So, my very first mammogram was one done with me feeling a bit panicked and miserably anxious. My boob hurt and it turned out that all was well and I have fibrocystic breasts. I didn't have cancer like how I feared. The person who gave me a mammogram was very sweet, young, and had the most gentle touch. This person was the best person ever to give a person like myself her first mammogram. The procedure was nothing like how people described. Most people describe it as a really horrible and painful experience. Well, then, there is today. Today, was my second mammogram ever. However, it was my first annual check up. This time I got a very large woman who was 2 to 3 of me wide. She had the nicest smile. She also got down to business very quickly and handled me like silly putty. She smashed my boobs as flat as they could go. It was a most uncomfortable painful experience. This lady really man-handled me. My poor boobs.

Monday, June 03, 2013

New Furniture

After 20 years of marriage we finally buy a brand new living room suit. We've always made do with hand me downs from my mom-in-law and they've always been just fine.

When we bought this home we bought used furniture from our friend Marty. It lasted until just recently. Our dog, Josie, was scared during a thunder storm and tried to dig a hole to China into the seat cushion of our sofa.

I did not strangle her but don't think I didn't think about it. Instead of using tax money to replace our sliding patio doors with French doors, we were in need of living room furniture.

So, without further adieu:

All three pieces recline. Oh the sweet luxury of back support and reclining delight.

The recliner in the far corner is a power recliner. One push of a button and it automatically lies you down so gently. No leg strength needed to rise back up. Just another push of a button.


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jump Rope

It's just me...jumping rope. I hope to get better at this. I want to look like those boxers in training with all their fancy foot work. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Baptism to You

Over the weekend, I went to my first Catholic baptism. A friend from long ago reconnected with me on Facebook. K and I bought her beer once when she was underage and she was just a few years younger than me. Since she was the baby of the bunch one of our friends dubbed her Jail Bait. Horrible, I know, but Kacy is an easy going soul and didn't mind at all or never showed that she did. Hey, we bought her beer so she grinned and beared it. All of my memories of her are fond ones.

So, fast forward to today. Kacy's mom is dying from cancer. Her mom is Catholic and from my understanding Kacy isn't practicing. Kacy's son is in his tweens to early teens and her mom requested he be baptized to give her peace of mind before she passed.

What's Kacy going to say? She, of course, is going to be a good daughter and follow through and her son didn't balk (I don't think) in giving his grandmother this gift.

Kacy and family live in Austin but her parents still live in Nac and she extended an invite to my family to attend the baptism here in town. She confessed to me that (unknown to me) I have been her inspiration to her to get through this with her mom in knowing I recently went through this too.

I'm not a religious person and probably even less so after watching my mom get eaten alive by the big C. That news in itself would deeply sadden my mom, I know. Even though my mom asked the age old question, "Why me, God?" she never lost her faith.

And I'm not here to talk about religion necessarily. I just wanted to say watching that boy being baptized in front of his family and friends was an absolute honor to be included in on. I can appreciate the very large gift he gave his grandmother so she can have peace inside herself and not feel worried what would become of him.

It was a joyous feeling even to me when we sang, "Happy Birthday" to Asher on the evening of his baptism.

My friend has a tough road to go down. Her mom's story isn't done yet. May their hearts and minds be strong to continue their journey.


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