Monday, December 07, 2009

It's Cold and I Like It.

It was a great Friday the 4th in East Texas. We got to see and experience a bit of snow for a short while. It probably did not snow long enough for some of us but just to see the small quiet flakes fall was exciting enough to make us Nacogdochians exclaim with glee. :) It's the small things, ya know?

I spent that cold Friday evening with my honey in our cozy home. We had a date to watch Up but no one told my eyelids that tidbit of news because they kept trying to shut down on me. We had to reschedule to save the movie for another day.

As soon as I opened my eyes on Saturday morning I took the excited pups for a cold ass walk around the neighborhood. I didn't get to view a nice blanket of snow on the ground but the frost was pretty darn thick and on some roof tops it almost did look like snow. Brr! It was a gorgeous day with very brisk temps and a bright sunny sky. I stayed in comfy clothes for quite a bit of the day and enjoyed being a sloth.

That evening I had a crafting date over at Chrissy's place. As we sat and chatted I crocheted about 12 flowers that I taught myself how to do earlier in the evening. Finally, I had found a pattern that was easy enough for me to follow! Oh what a grand day! :) I'll share it with y'all just in case there are any hookers out there that want to try the pattern:

Sunday was a day that was planned for Xmas shopping in the Woodlands with Mary and Chrissy. However, the trip was canceled and I made good use of the day at home. I was able to clear out more space in the garage so that K could move his bookcase from his computer room to garage. I was able to deliver a desk that I needed to get rid of to a friend's house. K was able to acquire a small computer desk from his uncle and will be replacing his large desk with it. We have a bit more furniture to acquire from K's mom and furniture to give to more friends and soon all this juggling of stuff will be done with and oh how that excites me.

I also have a new dresser that I ordered (gifted to us from my parents) on its way to us and should be here by Wednesday.

It sure is grand to have a minivan these days where it makes furniture wrangling a whole lot more easier. :)


amy said...

up is a very tricky movie. it's good ... and it was so freaking funny that i laughed until i cried a couple of times....but it was also SO FREAKING SAD that i cried more than once. i'm still mad at that stupid movie.

Michelle said...

I'm with Amy--Sage couldn't understand why I was crying. He kept telling me, "It's a funny movie, Mom!" And it was. You've definitely got to block out time to see it.

Your furniture juggling has led to my furniture juggling. See, anticipating the queen bed has inspired me to make room for our bed (handmade by my grandfather, but small) in the junky guest room, so I had to give the bed that was already in there to furniture just keeps getting passed along. :-)

KB said...

It looks like you're nesting. ;)


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