Sunday, January 18, 2009

Craft'n Saturday

Merci and Tracy were great hosts Saturday evening and had the Crafting Renegades over for fun, food, and fabricating. There was some jewelry making and crocheting going on but a whole lot more jack jawing was seen amongst the crowd. We have our moments when we're pretty productive on our craft nights but sometimes it's hard to focus when you enjoy visiting with everyone.

As the women were busy with chatting and crafting, the boys decided to play with sharp objects. No surprise there, really. Maybe you didn't know this, but we are the home of the Lumberjacks.

Thank you, K, for documenting the night. Now it's my bedtime. I need my beauty rest because I have to attend the Church of Skatin' tomorrow. Nighty night. Crafty dreams!

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KB said...

Awww ... I miss ya'll.


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