Monday, January 19, 2009

feeling recharged...

Okay...I'm feeling a little self aware now after Chrissy pointed out my last weekend mostly highlighted the foods that I had eaten. However, I won't try and hide the deliciousness of this weekend. This was another great weekend full of friends and foods.

K and I met the D&F for some Nijiya on Friday night. They gave us two options to choose from which were sushi or Fudrucker's. SUSHI! Duh! :) Well, I shouldn't say "duh" because there was the possibility K could have wanted Fud's, but he was nice enough to let me choose which I preferred to eat.

Since I had food poisoning around the time F left for Germany we weren't able to do a holiday exchange of presents. So, we all opened our presents at the restaurant. Late presents are fun because it lets you celebrate again!

After dinner K and I stopped at Walgreens. He needed energy drinks and I needed foundation. Somehow, I ended up leaving with foundation, purple mascara, and a heated eyelash wand. This is why I usually wait in the car whenever we go to drug stores. Now, the purple mascara was free since there was a sale on my foundation - buy one get something free type of deals. The rest of the night was spent cuddled up on my couch with the White Terror, the Red Devil, and Dizzy the Fat. It was hard to stay up very late without getting droopy eyes being surrounded by all that heat from the comatose animals.

I woke up early Saturday morning. I groggily got dressed in Friday's clothes, pulled a brush through my hair, brushed my teeth, and then waited for Mary and Matt to pick me up. We ended up at the Durst-Taylor House to eat pancakes with cane syrup.

Some of the highlights: Watching the adorable mule walk in circles in order to make the sugar cane grinder pulverize sugar canes. The juices were then boiled in a huge cauldron where all the impurities were cooked out to make cane syrup.

Shaking a small plastic cup full of cream for almost two hours in order to produce butter. I ended up only producing a heavy whipping cream. Oh well. At least I got to witness Merci's cream turn into butter. Also, Scott used some of Merci's butter for his pancakes.

Drinking free hot chocolate and getting a refill to warm my hands.

Some of the not so great things: The pancakes and the cane syrup. My pancakes were almost refrigerator cold and patooie on cane syrup. I guess I'm a maple syrup type of girl.

By the time I got home K and the pups greeted me and K made us a fantastic lunch that was basically breakfast. He made the memory of the pancakes and cane sugar disappear. He fried up some eggs, mock sausages, toast, and hash browns. I was a happy girl. Oh, and we had some spicy pickled jalepenos and carrots that I had just bought from the Farmer's Market.

That evening K and I went over to Merci and Tracy's for a Craftn' Saturday evening. There wasn't a lot of crafting going on that evening but we still had a great time. The food spread was delicious and kept my jaws chewing through out the night. I don't think there was much left by the time every one had left for the night.

It was another early morning for me to be out and about. Met up with Amy, Chrissy, and Mary for our Sunday Church of Skatin'. We skated for 45 minutes and even included swizzles into the mix. (I'm too lazy to try and find a demo of swizzles for y'all who aren't in the know. Sorry.) Afterward, it was time to worship java in fellowship with my friends.

When I got home K took the car to do groceries and I headed outside with the dogs. I put them on their leads and I sat outside with them to soak up some sun as I drank another cup of coffee. It was such a gorgeous day!

I'm glad I had soaked up the sun in the morning and the afternoon, because I started to play Fable 2 and there went the rest of my day.

I really feel like my batteries were recharged to face another full week. I love my weekends.


Chrissy said...

See, when I said your updates highlighted foods from the weekend, I meant that as a good thing! Your posts always leave me drooling.

I'm glad you still included some food in your post. I would have been disappointed otherwise. Also - my legs are sore from skating! And this makes me glad.

amy said...

what is this talk of sitting outside in january? i am EXTREMELY jealous. (although we were in the high 30s was a heat wave!!)


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