Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend and were sad to see it go.

It was filled with friends, crafting, baking, and a tiny bit of productivity.

Friends: Our friends Matt and Sarah were in town and we got to see them and catch up for a bit on Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening we were invited over for dinner to L & J's home. O had two girls to play with so she was super happy.

Crafting: Y'all saw the hair bow I created. I made like maybe three and I only had one that was picture worthy. I will continue to practice this until I am able to make one that is super frilly for O. When I say super frilly I'm really jesting but at the same time I'm not. What can I say? The kid likes hair bows right now. So, all I can do is try to make some decent ones for her.

This one turned out to be my best attempt, which is still pretty wimpy:

Baking: I made a nice little Paleo dessert to take over to L & J's house. They actually made Paleo pizzas for dinner, so it was a Paleo night through and through.

You can find the recipe at this provided link: Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies

The recipe is so simple and it was pretty yummy! Even though this is listed as baking, there was no baking involved with this little chocolatey pb morsels of yum. Sorry, I have not photographic evidence of these cookies. They were eaten too quickly. :)

I also made a blackberry cobbler this weekend. O and I collected blackberries from a friend's yard. O ate all she picked so it was up to me to work for two people. :) Luckily, our host, Donna, helped me pick a full bucket of berries.

I followed this recipe she provided to me: Dewberry and Blackberry Cobbler

Mine came out looking like this:

Now, I'm just impatiently waiting for a whole brand new weekend again.

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