Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Recipe and More

I had a pretty full weekend and enjoyed myself.

Friday night, we got a babysitter and enjoyed an event down town thrown by a good friend and her college of Human Sciences. Another good friend got us in for free, which was awesome since it was $50 per person. K and I actually dressed up. Whoa! Stop the press! :)

Saturday, I attended a baby shower for D & F. It was small and nice. The food was just right and hit the spot for an 11 o'clock affair. Afterward, I followed Franzi back to her new home! Very nice place in a somewhat richy rich spot. They are moving on up and such. :)

That evening I made two veggie pot pies. One for D & F and one for us. This had K and I cheating on our Paleo diets, but cheating on occasion is a-okay and that pot pie was damn good.

Sunday, K made a Paleo-Pizza Crust dish for our dinner. The flavor was good and I enjoyed it. The outer crust even had a crunch to it. However, the middle of the crust where all the goodness sits it was too soggy. The sogginess of the crust took away from the dish. I want to try to figure out how to make this again and make it to where the crust is more like crust.

I did find a new favorite, though, and it's Aidell's Chicken and Apple sausage. Oh boy, this sausage was delicious and it even had O requesting more bites.

I also tried my hand at making Coconut Flour Bread. Instead of getting a sweet bread by using apple sauce (because I didn't have any on hand), I went the savory route by using pureed onion. I couldn't place what it tasted like to me, but when K said it reminded him of hush puppies he totally called it.

Over the weekend, I also bought crafting supplies to make hair bows. Lord, help me.


Michelle said...

Richy rich events, friends with richy rich homes...what's next, winning the lottery? ;-)

Your post made me realize that I just need to DO stuff for others, rather than somehow waiting to be invited...I'll be cooking a double dinner soon as well. :-)

Zay said...

I'm sure the lucky couple will enjoy the dinner you provide them. One probably has a broke back from putting together Ikea furniture and the other has a broke back from carrying twins. Heh. :)


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