Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

K and I don't go full out in celebrating the Hallmark Day of Love. Sometimes we exchange presents but for sure we do exchange cards at least.

We've done the whole go out on the town and try to find a place to share a Valentine's meal with one another. I think over the years, though, we've come to the conclusion trying to find a restaurant to enjoy a lover's meal is to be done any other night except for Valentine's Day.

I think K and I both agree that V Day is a nice way to remind one another that hey I like you and even love you!! :)

Now that O is apart of our family it makes Valentine's more exciting to me. My parents always made Valentine's Day very special for me. My dad always got my mother and I chocolates. She got flowers, as well. As I got older my mom did away with the flowers. It killed her to watch them die. So, dad continued to get she and I our own heart shaped boxes filled with little pieces of love.

My parents also got me little gifts too like heart dangling jewelry. I hope to make Valentine's Day a little special for O, as well.

I woke up on Valentine's Day kind of like I did on Easter Day, where I would look for a fun gift or treat waiting for me labeled with my name and given with love.

It wasn't until I was maybe in my mid to late 20s when my mom asked if I minded if she and Daddy stopped sending me a Valentine's Day gift. She was being cute about it when she said, "Do you think your husband would mind taking over?"


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