Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day II

I feel like such a lazy friend on Cupid's day to spread love.

My friends are no slouches when it comes to this holiday.

Mary sent me home with delicious soft cookies smothered in a layer of delicious frosting!

Chrissy was my secret Valentine (well, sort of...she was able to sneak in but I knew she was coming) and delivered boxes of Brach's Hearts. I forgot all about those hard, crunchy hearts. I have had other brands in the past and have found them not to my liking. When I bit into one of the Brach's Hearts, though, it took me on a memory ride back to my childhood. What a great treat!

This morning, K went to check our mail, since we forgot to do so last night when we got home. There was a postcard of three awesome children showcased in their own frame asking us to: Be Our Valentine
1. Rees was dressed as a bee! HA! :)
2. Nick held up the letter 'R' as he posed and cheesed for the camera.
3. Ruby was in a Valentine's Day top.
How smart and creative and it made me smile big.

It's hard having friends who are so with it and have great holiday game. Luckily, I am a benefactor of such greatness.

Oh, don't let me forget about what my best friend did for me. K sneaked in a bouquet of tulips into my office while I was away for the lunch hour. He knows I am a big fan of tulips. :)

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