Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Out of Practice


I renewed my gym membership and I'm pretty happy about it. I had canceled my membership because after pregnancy I wasn't utilizing the facilities and just wasting my money every month. I figured I would save my money and just work out at the campus track until O turned one and moved up a class, which would free up some of our funds. I found I wasn't very motivated to exercise in the heat and now that it's chilly I know I would not jump at the chance to freeze my butt off.

Today was day two at the gym and I must say I have missed terribly having a climate controlled environment to work out in.

I am also very out of shape.

It's good to be sweating again.


Michelle said...

Good for you! I have, ironically, just finished writing two articles about why joining a gym is a wise decision, blah blah. I'm such a hypocrite. Yesterday, I went to the gym, worked out for half an hour and then went to the car and wrote while Sage finished playing raquetball. :-P

I'm glad you're getting back into your groove! It's really difficult to balance a career and family while taking good care of yourself.

KB said...

Keep it up, Sonnie. You can do it!


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