Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Holidays

Thanksgiving break was pretty great. For one, I took the whole week off. It was awesome to have all that time with O and having the option to stay in pj's for a big portion of the morning.

Monday Oli and I had a sushi lunch date with my girlfriends. It was neat to see all of us girls there including three babies and a toddler. My the times have changed!

After a great sushi lunch O and I visited Chay's so that Miss O and R could get more acquainted with one another. It was a short and sweet visit.

Tuesday was a day I felt hugely guilty for taking O in the morning to daycare. I needed to clean house and also get some baking done. I could have done it with O but probably not as successfully as I would have liked. I got over my guilt in knowing that O has a great time in daycare. She chirps, smiles, and kicks her legs when we carry her into her classroom.

Wednesday was when family arrived into Nac. My in-laws came into town but they ended up at a hotel. They couldn't find anyone to watch their dogs so they brought all four with them. Since they didn't stay at our house we had a cousin and his fiance stay in our guestroom and also our younger cousin slept on our couch in the living room.

My MIL cooked a turkey in our oven and our aunt (who hosted Tday) who lives a street over had a turkey cooking in her oven too. My MIL ended up making several pies, 7-UP salad, and stuffing. I had baked six loaves of pumpkin bread and made a full crock pot of a cream cheese corn dish that seemed to be a hit.

Turkey day was a nice day spent in a house filled with K's family. It was really nice to not have to go to Houston for once.

Now I'm looking forward to Xmas! I've always loved this holiday. We already have a tree up. Well, we cheated this year. We only put up the three foot fiber optics xmas tree and it is way out of O's reach. We've lit up our fireplace mantle and our bay window at the front of the house. I wish everyone had xmas lights up all year around. I love xmas lights.


Chrissy (The New Me) said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday! Let's have another one now. ;)

amy said...

What is this 7-up salad? I am too lazy to google...

Sounds like you kids had a great holiday. I can't wait until Connor is a little older & therefore more fun. Then I'll have stories too!

Michelle said...

I remember a couple of years of table-top Christmas trees! Those ornaments are just too cool for little hands to resist.

I have found that cream cheese plus pretty much anything results in a hit. ;-)


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