Monday, November 22, 2010

37th Year

I had a birthday and it was great even though I'm getting to be more and more of an old lady. :)

It started last Monday. My office mate sent me an awesome candy bouquet and balloon from Nac Floral Co. I have almost plucked all of the blooms from the bouquet. *sigh* I need more stretch pants.

I then received a lovely card from my parents on Thursday and instead of waiting I, of course, opened it right then. My parents are always generous with us and now I have a bit of spending money to perhaps buy some costume bling to spice of my rather blah wardrobe.

Friday my whole office took me out to lunch and even my student worker got me a sweet card.

Saturday, O and I visited the Farmer's Market and then chilled with our friend Michelle for a bit as I was dropping off some work accessories for her hubby. By the time I got home K said hello and then goodbye before doing our groceries. So, I ended up over at Aunt Kayce's for some Tday discussion since we actually have everyone coming to Nac this year! Finally and I'll be able to attend Wassail Festival for once since we'll be in town. When K got home I took O home and we had a relaxing night at home and finished it off with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Kreg got me to read that comic book and it was translated pretty damn well into a movie.

Sunday morning O and I tooled around for a while before it was time to wake up K. He gifted me with my bday prezzie! There was an awesome card that he sneakily got made by O's daycare teachers. It had art work on the front of a pretty flower made with her fingerprints. On the inside were some beautiful and sweet words from my hubby and O's hand prints. On the back of the card O was given freedom with a marker and drew me up some rad baby design. :) The card is so awesome. So is the bad ass Flip HD video recorder K got for me. Suh-weet!!

Sunday morning I got to have a Harry Potter date with Chrissy early in the a.m. I love a.m. movies! As usual I really enjoyed the HP flick and cannot wait until part II comes out in the summer. I hope I can wait that long.

I came home and K left to get us take out for lunch. He intended to take me out for my bday but O was napping and I didn't want to wake her, etc. Eating at home just sounded so much more enjoyable to me. We ate Chinese food and O had strawberries, bananas, and squash. I should have had what she was eating. :)

Our evening was nice and quiet. I must say it had been a pretty nice birthday week and it wasn't even finished.

Today, my sweet girlfriends organized a sushi lunch in my honor. We all met up and I wish I was able to spend time with each of them properly. It's a big challenging, though, when I have O. Let's just say she keeps me a bit distracted. :) She was super good, though, and I think she loves Rees.

When bdays are well spent like mine was they aren't so bad when you have the years creeping up on you. :)

Happy bday to me.


Michelle said...

I feel bad that I didn't know it was almost your birthday on Saturday! I dunno, I could have sang "Happy Birthday" or something...!

It was so awesome watching O take those little steps!! She's such a doll!

Cool that you got a flip camera. That is going to be so fun. I'll look for your videos on FB. :-)

KB said...

I'm so glad you were properly spoiled on your birthday. <3

KB said...

Oh, and I loved Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It was sooo good!


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