Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Update

Last week I only put in three days at the gym but that is three days of exercise I wouldn't have done without a gym membership. So yay me!

Thursday, I didn't go because O had an appt. for a flu shot, so I used up my lunch hour doing that with her. Friday, I didn't go because I got to pick up O at 11:30 and take her to K's Xmas office luncheon and then call it a day.

Saturday was spent in Lufkin. We did some shopping for me but I didn't have a lot of luck in finding what I wanted. However, I did score a nice jacket and sweater cover up. Now a days with post baby body I am trying to find clothes that fit me to where I feel somewhat pretty again. Plus, it's about time to get rid of some of my wardrobe and replace it with newer stuff.

We spent a good chunk of our day in Lufkin so by the time we got home I was pretty exhausted. I even took a nap while O was napping. I turned in that evening I think before it was 10 p.m. So sad, I know.

Sunday, I relaxed a lot and K was super productive. I even got to leave and have a coffee date with Chaybee. It was nice being able to chat for quite a while with a gf. It was also pretty neat to be surrounded by students who were all studying for finals and knowing I didn't have to do such a thing any more. Ha ha, suckers!

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