Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Mondays Allowed

-Fast food Chinese dinner with my honey on a Friday night. A trip to Hastings and leaving with two new books. Score! The night air had a chill to it that I love and brings an excitement about fall coming soon.

-I must have woke up with a bit of pep Saturday morning. While K did groceries I started to rearrange my dining room and living room. I changed my dining room chairs and moved the old ones out to the garage. I moved my mod chairs from the living room to the kitchen counter. The musical chair swap really made a difference. I'm happy with the change.

Early Saturday afternoon involved Vietnamese pho with friends visiting from Austin. I wish S & M had more time to spend with us but just the little bit we got with them was super nice. After being dropped off at home, K and I got back in the car and hit the road for Lufkin. It was nice to be spontaneous with our afternoon and evening. We recommend Zombieland!

-Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. K had a guy's day and I had a girl's day. Merci joined me for some Korean soup and rice and then a viewing of the original Fame movie. We made sure to have a break by eating some eggless cookie dough I had prepared for us. Damn that was good.

It's early evening now and I have been enjoying listening to the rain outside. I'm not ready for Monday to get here.


Michelle said...

Tomorrow is Columbus Day. I am longing for the days when that was a school holiday!

Cookie dough...yum.

Chrissy said...

that sounds like a lovely weekend!

KB said...

I love rearranging. It makes me feel like everything is clean and new.


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