Monday, October 19, 2009

I <3 the weekend

Highlights from the weekend:

-Watching Where the Wild Things Are with my honey and then devouring delicious UFO pizza after the flick.

-Buying items for our Halloween costume.

-Walking the pups on Saturday and Sunday morning and soaking in the gorgeous weather and fabulous temperatures.

-Getting rid of furniture pieces from the guest room and rearranging them in other parts of the house where they actually work!

-Watching movies (Adventureland and I forget the name of the horrible zombie flick we watched) late at night in my cozy house with my honey and furry children.

-Buying ingredients for two separate dinners that will give us leftovers for several dinners and lunches.

-Baking one of my favorite fall recipes: pumpkin bread

-Visiting the aunt & uncle's and catching up with everyone.

-Driving the aunt's mini van to get a feel of how one drives and it was surprisingly pretty nice.

Weekends just never get old, y'all.

xoxo, Me

1 comment:

KB said...

mmm pumpkin bread, you say? Tell me more of this pumpkin bread.


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