Tuesday, October 27, 2009

H-Town & H-Party

Not only is it only Tuesday but how the heck has October almost run its course? Didn't it turn October just like a week ago??

We were in Houston this past weekend. We had a great time with K's parents. They spoiled us like usual and we got to meet their new pup Clyde and I cannot believe I don't have one photo of Clyde.

Sometime in the near future my MIL will be bringing us a king sized bed and a day bed! I cannot wait. Anyone interested in a queen sized box spring and mattress set when the switch over takes place?

The day bed will be great because it has a trundle set with it so it'll pull out to about a full or queen sized bed. I continue to juggle my junk to make room for everything!

Halloween is just next weekend and I'm excited to attend a friend's bash and it'll be the 13th annual H-Party they've had. I hope it ends up being a chilly and dry night so we can enjoy the outside standing by a cozy bonfire. I do enjoy bonfires!


Michelle said...

Yes!!! Definitely interested in the queen size! The current one is not quite a double...:-P

I'm glad you had a good time. Girl, you are going to be in the lap of luxury with that new bed. Sweet. Yall will need it, with the baby crawling in bed with you and so on. :-D

Zay said...

Michelle the queen is your's. :)

Michelle said...

Wheee! Thanks!


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