Monday, September 28, 2009

Plumbing, Anny, & Movies

I woke up this morning barely able to keep my eyes open. I was so tired and also decided to not wake up K to turn on the main water line to the house. Yup, we have plumbing woes. It's not a terrible problem though thank goodness or at least not that I am aware of yet. I usually pop right awake when taking my morning shower but that's not how my morning started so I had to slap myself a couple of times and rub the sleep from my eyes as I drank Ovaltine and cuddled with the Tobes on the couch.

By the not watch infomercials early in the morning when you are barely awake. I was quite impressed by the H2O mop and was almost tempted to buy it. Now don't you think I won't at some point look it up on the 'net to see what others say about it. If you've read me for a while you know I'm a sucker for As Seen On TV products.

Any ways...I finally woke up my honey around 7 and had him turn the main line back on so I could wash the breakfast dishes, take care of morning restroom bidness, and then shower.

K is staying home today in hopes of getting a plumber to come to the house. Sometime, Saturday morning/afternoon I noticed a small puddle behind the guest room bathroom's commode. It looked like the water valve behind the tank had a slight leak to it. So, of course, I googled how to fix the problem. It seemed easy enough and I sent the link to K so he could go to Lowe's and buy the hardware needed. It looked like we just had to replace the water valve with a new water valve kit and voila...FIXED!

Well, K had to go to Lowe's twice and buy two different kits and neither fit our hardware. By the time he sweated and cursed as much as he thought he could he decided to put the old hardware back on which by then the leak had gone from a slow drip to a very slow steady leak. Unfortunately, from what he could assess about the situation is we'd have to cut off a bolt that prevents new hardware to fit and then somehow weld on a new bolt/kit. It went from an easy fix to a situation that is a bit above our capability.

So, poor K spent most of his Saturday sweating his ass off in trying to fix the leak with no sweet resolution at the end. We decided we would just keep the main water line off to the house when we could and only turn it on for when we had to shower and stuff like that.

Of course, we couldn't find a plumber on Saturday and K and I were going to stay home on Sunday and try to get a plumber. However, that would have meant we would have missed his grandparent's 63rd anniversary in Houston. We decided paying a plumber a weekend rate of $143/hour was ridiculous so we just shut the water off and went to Houston on Sunday with his aunt, uncle, and cousins. We're glad we didn't stress ourselves on Sunday with plumbing woes and instead enjoyed seeing the family and paying homage to the grandparent's big day.

So keep your fingers crossed that K is successful in getting a plumber to the house today and it won't cost us a small fortune.

Being homeowners is grand until you have to pay someone to get things fixed. :)

Also, on Saturday as I left K home to do manly repair stuff I took Katie to watch Fame at the theater. I enjoyed it and she did too. I think it made me really want to watch the original movie again and when I do I think I can make a fair assessment of which movie I prefer. Something tells me I'll prefer the original Fame even though the 2009 version was pretty fun. Next weekend, Whip It will be playing and I cannot wait to see it with my ex-derby chums. We'll relive our moments of our glorious roller derby days.

-Update: Plumber called and problem getting fixed for a great rate. I'm so happy! Also, feel kind of bad for K becuz he is feeling under the weather and also dealing with plumbing stuff. Oh well...the plumbing issue is almost taken care of and then my honey can relax and get to feeling better.


Chrissy said...

Sounds like you made the right decision with going to Houston and leaving the problem behind! I hope it gets fixed soon - turning the water main on and off will get old quickly!

Michelle said...

Plumbing seems to have a way of getting complicated very quickly!

I'm glad that you got it worked out and I want the name of your plumber!

Zay said...

Michelle, we ended up using JLS Plumbing. They were recommended by a friend. K seemed to be pleased by the hastiness of their reply/response and by the employee's work.

KB said...

That sucks. I remember when T and I first moved to Texas we didn't have any water for almost a month. We had to walk to the guest house to do bathroom and kitchen stuff. It sucked.


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