Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Stuff

K brought home an Amish Friendship Bread starter bag from a lady at work. We went through all of the instructions and by day ten it was time to bake. It didn't turn out quite like how I expected, but it is pretty delicious.

It ended up more like a dessert dish than a bread. It is very similar to a pumpkin bread recipe that I make. I think I'll end up giving away all of my starter bags instead of keeping one. I mean it is a great dessert loaf but it took more time and effort than my pumpkin bread recipe. I like to keep it easy.

It's been another nice weekend. We have been in the habit these days to let ourselves sleep in and I think we're really enjoying it. Granted, I don't mind also waking up early and getting my day started because it makes the day longer. However, there is something to be said for sleeping in until 9 or 10 a.m. I never used to allow myself that luxury because it felt like such a waste of a good weekend to stay that long in bed. However, the thing that I hate most about work days is having to wake up early. So, it only makes sense to enjoy staying in bed for as long as I want on the weekends. I'm also trying to relax a bit more and not cram in so much into a weekend. It's hard but I'm working on it.

Some of the things that I did end up doing was:

-Saving my little cousin Katie from having to watch a movie she didn't like on campus. I picked her up from the Student Center and we headed to the evil Wal-Mart to purchase some items I had on my shopping list. We had fun in the aisles by acting goofy and have a new fondness for the word, "loofah." We celebrated surviving WM by treating ourselves to delicious ice cream at Marble Slab. We continued to celebrate by heading to my house and watched a cheesy Thai kung fu movie. Unfortunately, she couldn't finish it since she had to be in bed before midnight to rest up for her big swim meet the next day at O-Dark-Thirty as the Army guys say.

-Meeting D&F at Auntie Pastas for F's birthday. We hadn't seen them in a while so it was nice to have an occasion to meet up and hang out. We went to their house after dinner and got to see the furry crew too. Loki has gotten huuuge! It's like they have their own llama now. F also has her own punching bag with boxing gloves. I'm so jealous!

-Driving to Gloria's with Josie to visit her sister, Princess. Princess and Josie are the same age and also look very much alike except Princess is a bit bigger. We like to think they are probably from the same litter. This visit also involved running down the street chasing after escape artist Princess who busted free from a semi opened gate. Luckily, we got the bad girl back into her backyard with her panting and us sweating.

photo of Princess & Josie, 2007

-Emptying out more things from the guest room closet and getting the room into shape.


KB said...

You better enjoy sleeping in while you can. ;)

Zay said...

Kealy. :(
I know.


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