Monday, July 27, 2009


Friday evening was such a welcomed start of the weekend. It had been a pretty long week so it was nice to end it over at Mary's with a little bit of crafting and a whole lot of chatting. I did my best to work up a granny square but it was a crochet FAIL on my part. After about four tries I gave up. I did look up granny squares on youtube that evening and noticed that my pattern was missing an important step. *shakes fist at stupid pattern* I'll give it a go again soon.

Saturday was a pretty nice day. I slept in and caught up on blogs as I drank some white pear tea. I also picked up some much needed clothes from Miss Ruby's attic, which was hand carried to my car by her nice hubby.

K and I had a date that early afternoon and went to Lufkin for some Ufo Pizza and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I included some photos of the inside of Ufo Pizza.

Later in the evening I went over to the aunt and uncle's to deliver some asian popsicles to the little cousin. The aunt and uncle were sitting outside and enjoying the remains of the daylight. I think I sat outside with them for about an hour before moseying on home to have a late dinner with my honey.

Sunday began with a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs. I spent a good chunk of time cleaning bean sprouts and making bean sprout soup. K and I finished up Season 1 of True Blood and started into three episodes of Season 2. I have to get over the fact that True Blood does not follow a lot of the story line from the Sookie Stackhouse series. However, I still enjoy the tv series.
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Anonymous said...

Have you watched The Tudors series?

Chrissy said...

Why have I never been to UFO? It looks so cool! And I still haven't seen HP yet. I think we're going this weekend. (This weekend = payday!)

Zay said...

Anon...No, I haven't seen The Tudors series. I looked it up and it looks pretty interesting. I think I would like it.

Chrissy, I don't know if they do vegan pizzas but you could always call and inquire if they could fix one. It would be great if they would because I love their pizza. Kreg and I got the veggie one and it was so delicious.

Michelle said...

I must be hungry because the white pear tea and the bean sprout soup both sound so yummy! Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing weekend.

Mary T said...

Chrissy! We must go! They have several vegetarian pizzas and you could just easily order without cheese, methinks. It is a great place! And my LORD! Get to HP, post haste! Also, Sonnie, since this is your blog: I enjoyed reading about your weekend. Glad you crafty ladies came over; my embroidered heart is finished! ;)

Zay said... didn't mention the pizza. You must not really be all that hungry. :)

Mary & Chrissy: let's go to UFO Pizza! :)

KB said...

I have never had bean sprout soup. It sounds delish.

Do share your secrets.

Zay said...

Kealy, I don't mind sharing my recipes but the Korean ones are difficult. For one I don't really use measurements because I can do them by taste. Also, all the ingredients are from the Korean grocery store including the bean sprouts. You don't normally find these type at the American grocery stores.

KB said...

Well, I can think of at least 4 Asian markets (two within walking distance) off the top of my head that might carry what I need.


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