Sunday, July 19, 2009

birthdays, groceries, and dogs

We had a fun weekend in H-town. K's mom had a bday on Friday and we were able to drive in and celebrate it that evening with her and friends. My MIL made out really well with tons of presents, laughs, and margaritas. :)

I warned my MIL that if they planned to hit up the gay bar that evening to please deposit me at the house and leave me with the dogs. She informed me that no they were going to take it easy that night. Ha! By the time we left my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much that night.

Most of Saturday morning was spent lounging after I took the dogs for a long walk around the neighborhood. Luckily, it was just humid enough to feel pretty sweltering which made the dogs super tired after our walk. I try to walk them before everyone gets up so that they won't be such spazzes especially Toby the Terror. Toby loves my MIL's three little dogs. A total of five dogs in a household is pretty crazy.

The afternoon was spent somewhere in Sugar Land at this couple's house who are related to good friends of my in-laws. It was like a duo bday party for my MIL and her good friend Mike. There was tons of great food! I am not a fan of guacomole but this guac was firey hot and I loved it. They served it with pork rinds instead of tortilla chips. It was very interesting and super yummy. The hubby is from Mexico City and is a fine cook/griller and had dishes like: asparagus, beef ribs, fajitas, sweet potato fries, sweet peas, pesto pasta, etc. I don't know how many vegetable chips I put away and hope no one noticed. :)

By the time we were ready to leave a torrential down pour occurred. The rain was super welcomed but our timing sucked in leaving the party. I hear from friends we did not get the same amount of rain in Nac. That is too bad.

Sunday came a bit too early. Weekends, of course, go by way too quickly. However, maybe my MIL doesn't think the same. I'm sure she's ready to send us on our way by the time the weekend is over. :) She takes very good care of us.

K and I went to the H-Mart the Korean grocery store. I bought up some stuff. I won't even mention how much money I spent there. I don't ever worry about it though because it's a rare event for me to get to shop at the Korean market. Soon I'll be making seaweed soup, bean sprout soup, and dduk-gguk soup. Mmmm.

The dogs are dead to the world right now as K and I relax in front of the telly. We had a great time and it's also good to be home.


Michelle said...

Sounds fun! MIL sounds like a hoot. Greg and Sage went to pick up Sky and stopped in Houston on the "way back." My big shopping thing there is getting to go to Central Market. It's a money suck too, but yummmm!

Zay said...

Michelle, I love Central Market too and also Whole Foods! I wish we had these types of markets closer in to us.

KB said...

You don't like guac?! We can't be friends. ;)

I'm glad you had a great weekend and sounds like you lucked out on the MIL.


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