Monday, July 13, 2009


My weekend log goes like this:

-Friday night K and I enjoyed dinner at Nijiya. We sat at the hibachi table and had a nice dinner. Luckily, our table mates did their own thing and no awkward conversation was necessary from either party. Dinner was delicious but I think I would have been happier with a roll or two and some seaweed salad. I think next time that will be what I'll do.

After dinner we headed to PetSense and bought Toby a new kennel. It's smaller and will be his traveling kennel. His every day kennel just takes up way too much room in the back of the car. We'll get to try it out soon and see how it goes.

-Saturday morning I slept in until about 9 a.m. It was grand!

That afternoon we went over to Merci & Tracy's for a little slip 'n slide action and a great fajita cookout. By the time we got home in the early evening I was wiped out. I lounged for the rest of the evening. I was so exhausted I didn't even feel like going to the 12 X 12 art sale and I know I missed out on some great pieces.

-Sunday morning I took the pups for a nice long hot walk. We started at 8:30 but it was still so darn humid. After 40 minutes Toby was constantly pulling me back to the house so I gave in and let him throw in the towel. I wonder if I can get Josie to pull a wagon with Toby in it so she can at least get in a longer walk. She's older but she's no quitter.

-Sunday afternoon I hung out with Mary for a little crafternoon that ended up being a snackernoon instead. I got a joy ride in Matt's new truck, a Sonic Blast, lemonade, and homemade banana nut bread. Mmm hmm.


KB said...

I agree. Seaweed salad is the shiznit. I would be happy with that alone.

Table mate? What kind of joint is this?

If you do get Josie to pull Toby in a wagon, make sure you document it. ;)

Zay said...

The Japanese restaurant has hibachi tables so most of the time you find yourself sitting with strangers. Most of the time everyone politely ignores one another. :) Sometimes, you have to make conversation with personalities you might not normally hang around with. :)


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