Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Weekend Report

I'm still missing the weekend.

-I got to hang with the girls over at Miss Chrissy's while they baked all sorts of wonderful smelling and tasting vegan treats.

-Attended a three year old's birthday party. It was full of Transformers, sugary treats, and little kids powering up to screaming banshees after all the sugar consumption.

-Listened to some fabulous writers read their works at the yoga studio and also bought a vegan fudge pecan pie. The literary reading and vegan bake sale was hosted by Amy and Chrissy and the proceeds went to the Nac Animal Shelter. I didn't have the energy to stay for the whole event but I did leave with a very tasty pie.

-I did a little bit of shopping by myself and got a new stretchy skirt, undies, sport bras, and these cute mules:


KB said...

Ewww ... those are cute.

Zay said...

Kealy, they are also soooooo comfortable. They feel like house slippers.


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