Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Spring Swim

Mary took Chrissy and I on a great Sunday adventure. We headed to Angelina National Forest's Boykin Springs for an afternoon of swimming.

We found a spot with a picnic table. As you can see we were all like minded enough to bring snacks. You can't go swimming without snacks! In the back ground you can see our swimming hole. The water at first was warm but quickly changed from warm to cold. As long as we kept moving around the cool spring felt pretty good.

We all wandered around a bit to take some shots of the grounds. It wasn't very crowded today but I think that will probably change as the summer gets longer. Chrissy brought Seamus for the Sunday swim. He was our constant lifeguard.
In the background was our swimming hole and in the foreground is part of the dam. The dam is made up of several tiers of these built up stone dams that allow the water to trickle from one tier to the next.

Mary and Chrissy making their way back to the picnic table for another dip in the spring. This was a great Sunday.


Chrissy said...

i love the quality of your photos! that really was the best day ever.

Zay said...

the quality of k's camera is really great. however, i punched up the colors on photoshop. :)

amy said...

honestly, you have a life that is like the MOVIES. what an awesome day!!

KB said...

Beautiful, but where's the picture of you in your suit?


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