Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Elephant Trunk Yoga Pose -- powered by

This is called the Elephant Trunk pose. In Monday nights yoga class we focused on poses that made us aware of what we were doing with the alignment of our pelvis. It was definitely insightful and made me realize I was doing some of the poses incorrectly. Near the end of the class Amy, our yoga instructor, had us attempt the elephant trunk.

I don't think I'd have to tell you that I was not successful in completing the full movement and holding the pose. However, I was able to bring my leg over my upper arm and rise up on the blocks. I was even able to wrap one foot over the other for a brief second before falling to the floor. It was pretty frustrating. However, in the little that I could do I still felt like a bad ass.


B said...

my elbows screamed from watching that.

KB said...

So that's how they get into that pose! ;-)


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