Saturday, May 09, 2009

Life is good...

I have really been enjoying this weekend. The past week was a pretty hard one so I welcome this free time.

For a week that was challenging and long there were many good things that occurred.

Tuesday: My friend, G, called me up at work and asked if I felt like dewberry picking after quitting time. I was flattered that he was willing to share his picking spot with me. :) We split the berries and I was a happy girl.

Wednesday: My fence was finally finished!

Friday: I had a meeting with a Kinesiology professor who hired me to co-instruct an Employee Wellness Program strength training class.

Merci and Tracy invited several of us to hang out in the evening to unwind from the week and welcome the weekend the right way. It sort of turned into a "Twilight" viewing too. :)

Then we have today which started with an early walk with the pups and then a nice walk/jog with Mary down Raguet. When I returned home I quickly showered and then K and I headed on our way to pick up Darrell and then off to Lufkin to watch "Star Trek," which I really enjoyed.

We're now being sent incriminating photographs by K's parents. K and I are at home totally content with staying in tonight and here's K's parents drunk dialing us and sending funny ass photographs from the bar. Oh those wild and kooky kids. :)


Mary T said...

I want some dewberries and some snozberries, too! Also, Star Trek rocked my socks!

KB said...

Dewberries are real!?


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