Sunday, April 05, 2009


It's been an eventful weekend!

-Watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" with Mary at the Student Center on campus. I loved it! It was also great because the audience reacted out loud to the movie, which makes it more fun. Let's just say a lot of oohing, aahing, and sighs from the ladies as Brad Pitt got more and more glorious on screen. It was a late viewing and I didn't get home until a bit after midnight.

-Woke up early and went garage saling with my aunt, cousin, and friends. I didn't find a lot but I did find several things. It was a good hunt.

-Scootered over to the track and met up with Mary. We warmed up at the track and then made our way to Pecan Park. We walked and jogged our way through Pecan Park and then back to the track. We managed to stay gone for two hours. We were pretty impressed with ourselves and exhausted.

-Met up with some of the girls at Ruby's studio for some evening BYOC. I used a plastic circular loom for the first time and attempted to make a hat. It's a pretty nifty device and easier than crocheting a hat, I think. I got home around midnight again.

Now here we are on Sunday and it's been a really nice day. The weather is perfect spring weather and was nice enough to motivate me to do some yard work. I vacuumed the house and I'm on my second load of laundry. I prepared a tiramisu for dessert tonight and prepared everything to make a vegetarian pot pie for dinner.

I'm finally relaxing a bit with my feet propped up and enjoying the cool breeze from the ceiling fan.


Chrissy said...

we just finished eating our pot pie! it was delish. i'm still waiting for my coconut lemon cake to come out of the oven. aren't sundays the best?

KB said...

I heard that movie was awful. I'm sure I'll see it at one point and I'll ohhh and ahhhh and see if it helps.

Zay said...

Chrissy, how did the cake turn out? It sounds delicious.

Kealy, if you aren't into 3 hour movies then I guess it wouldn't be your thing. It's also a love story too. Mary compared it to "Forest Gump" and I agree it has that kind of feel to it.


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