Sunday, April 05, 2009

garage sale finds

I found this collapsable metal basket. It could be good for groceries but really it's a bit awkward to carry around. I'm thinking about attaching it to my scooter after spray painting it some fun color.

Unicorn salt and pepper shaker set. Yup. You know you want them. Who wouldn't?
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amy said...

oh my god, the s&p shakers kill me! so awesome!!

Mary T said...

I vote for purple on the basket and I LURVE the unicorn s&p shakers!

Chrissy said...

unicorn power!

KB said...

Wow! Those shakers are amazing!

Zay said...

I love that everyone likes the shakers so much. It makes me feel less like a weirdo for buying them. Ha. :)


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