Monday, March 30, 2009

i <3 weekends

<3 Attended Chesley's closing BFA show on Friday night. Afterward, hung out with my honey and stayed up way too late.

<3 Cooked and baked in my kitchen over the weekend more than I have in about a month. I missed it. Last night I made a vegetable pot pie. It was a recipe that I acquired from Chrissy and it was a huge hit.

<3 Ran 3 miles at the Rec Center, which really pleased me. I haven't gone over 2 miles in forever.

<3 Ate dinner over at Merci and Tracy's and everything was so delicious. They can rock a mean vegetarian lasagna. The finger foods and dessert were so good too. I had to unbutton my pants for a little while. Ha. Chay and Scott were also in attendance and they brought Skip Bo and of course who ever got Chay as a teammate would win. :)

<3 Dyed Miss Chrissy's hair a fabulous red on a fine Sunday. This took place right after she fed me a marvelous potato and leek soup. Mmm!

<3 Daydreamed about a fabulous blue diamond ring and earring set for a while and set into motion acquiring them. I'm wearing the ring today and probably won't get any work done because it's super distracting. Thanks Chay for letting me come over late in the evening!

I almost forgot:

<3 Attended a felting work shop with C & C. I enjoyed taking the Friday off and hanging with my girls for this but the workshop itself was a bit pricey for all that was demonstrated and for what we did. Oh well. It was still a relaxing day.


KB said...

ha! unbuttoning your pants is always a good sign of some good food. ;-)

Mary T said...

I can't wait to be home for a weekend and join you in some of your fabulousity. I <3 you!


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