Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

I got to enjoy a long Easter weekend and of course I wish I could turn back the clocks and do it again. :)

These are some of the things that I enjoyed during my time off:

-Not just once but twice I met up with Mary to do a long walk/jog along Lanana Creek Trail. On both occasions it took us about an hour and a half. It was great to break free from the concrete track and hit red clay trails.

-Mary held an impromptu crafternoon at her house. We haven't had an actual Crafting Renegades led crafting session in forever. However, I so love a crafternoon. Getting to snack, converse, and keep busy are some of my favorite things.

-K and I went to dinner with Matt, Mary, Chrissy, & Nathan. The restaurant was enh. The service was enh. The company was great.

-K and I watched the latest "Rambo" and "Hellboy II." I actually liked the sequel to Hellboy better than the first.

-I made two new dishes. One involved couscous and the other was like a taco black bean casserole. I don't think the couscous dish will stay on my "to keep" list but the casserole was a hit. Also, I baked peanut butter cookies with the German's recipe which is so simple and mucho tasty.

-My first morning off I woke up early to greet the day with the dogs. It was nice walking in the dark just before the day's dimmer was turned up. There were also other days that I did not wake as early but the dogs and I still got to enjoy our neighborhood inspection.

-K and I went to Chili's on Easter day because nothing else was open. It wasn't really what we wanted but it ended up being a tasty dinner. Yay! What I liked best, though, about Easter day was the wonderful rainy morning. I don't feel as guilty to stay in my pjs then.


KB said...

I like to pretend that when you say "K", it is me.

Zay said...

Kealy...aaaaaw. :)
Btw...I rode my scooter to work this morning. I need to remember to always have a pair of gloves in my scooter. Ouchie hands!


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