Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekend Highlights

-Making felted heart broaches for V Day with my crafting chum Mary on a Friday night. If I hadn't busied my hands with 3 or 4 cups of coffee I probably would have made more than just four hearts. This craft was so much fun, fast, and easy I did it again with my little cousin Katie on Sunday. Thanks again Mary for helping a crafting sister out by supplying me with more pillow stuffing!

p.s. Wal-Mart will be getting rid of their fabric section. They are selling all of their fabrics at a discount now and need to have it all gone by 1 March. This is such a pain. We no longer have local fabric stores because of Wal-Mart and now WM decides it's not going to sell fabrics any longer. Our only option will be Hobby Lobby and of course their prices aren't all that great and they aren't open on Sundays. Grrr.

-Participating and attending a progressive dinner surprise birthday party. We were successful in fooling Matt T and actually surprised him for his bday at the very first house where Ruby and family graciously hosted with appetizers and drinks. There were many treats involving bacon, a spinning turntable centerpiece, spring rolls, and many other divine edibles.

Mary and Matt T. shared their home for the second stop. A lovely vegan lasagna was inhaled by me, homemade mac & cheese, and a meatloaf that many proclaimed was awesome. The third stop was at Chay's where we had bday cakes and vegan cupcakes. Marty was the second bday surprisee but being woman and all she suspected and wouldn't be fooled by us. Instead that stinker made her husband fool many of us in believing that she wouldn't be attending her surprise as she crawled through a bedroom window to make her debut.


Mary T said...

How is every weekend the best weekend? I love Nacogdoches and my friends here. <3

Chrissy said...

Oh, but that was one of the top weekends of the 2009. I suspect if it will be a long time before it's knocked from it's the Most Awesomest Ever perch.

Also, after dinner last night, Nathan looked around and said, "Damn. I wish we had some more of Sonnie's cupcakes." As did I, my friend. As did I.

KB said...

Stupid walmart. Goodwill and the Shelter are great places to find interesting fabric ... you might have to clean them first though.


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