Friday, January 30, 2009

Color Week's Silvery Friday

It's sadly the end of color week. However, we shall celebrate that it is the end of the week and say hello to Friday! Also say hello to our silver Dracula candle holder.

This is a photo tree that was given to us many years ago. I never really knew what to do with it since the photo frames are so small. I finally took all my badly printed photos from my days being stuck in a dark room as a college student. I knew there was a good reason to not throw away my photo mistakes.

K loves his 20-sided dice. In the background you can also see another silver capture of his usb creature. It used to look like a nice little happy usb man but then K took a lighter and some paint to it and made a zombie usb man.

I hope y'all enjoyed this week's imposter color week. Please don't forget to see what other color week bloggers are doing: Chay, Chrissy, Mary

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KB said...

Very nice. I'm impressed.

Zay said...

Kealy...why thank you! :)

Chaybee said...

That's one sexy faucet!

Chrissy said...

i never did comment on how much i like the zombified usb man! all your silver was very, very nice.


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