Thursday, January 29, 2009

Color Week's Purple Thursday

A little bit of lounging and some purple never hurt anyone. Well, at least not that I am aware of so we'll go with that.

Who knew K had a purple binder. I call the little wooden guy Happy Ball because he gives great massages and makes me very happy.

This is one of my favorite pieces of art that I own. I was giddy when the artist, Jeff Brewer, gave it to me as a gift.

Last but definitely not least...Toby presents peckermints. Don't ask...the tin box was purple, yo.

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the German said...

The Peckermints are great! They really do taste good! :0)

KB said...

I love that the dog is holding the boner mints. Funny is so many ways. Good one!

Mary T said...

Well I was pretty much just going to say what Kealy and Franzi said. So copy that. :)

Zay said...

Would anyone like a mint? :)

Ruby said...

whoa! where in the hell can i find some Peckerman's? Who knew that Toby did such a mean Vanna White impersonation?


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