Thursday, January 29, 2009


My week day morning routine:

5:15 a.m. - I hear music, which is my radio alarm clock going off. I hit the snooze at least three to four times.

5:51 a.m. - I'm in the shower. I wash my hair just about every morning.

6:05 a.m. - After I towel dry myself and wrap my hair in a twisty hair towel I put my pj's back on. I put Josie in the laundry room. I let Toby out of his kennel and his station is the kitchen.

I gather the two dog bowls and the cat bowl which have already been filled with food the night before. I plop the dogs' pills into their food bowl and I gave Dizzy her pill by plopping it down her gullet.

I feed the hungry masses and turn on the coffee pot. I shake out our vitamins to take in the morning if they hadn't already been done the night before.

6:15 a.m. - I take Josie outside and put her on her lead. I take Toby outside on his leash and walk him to let him take care of his business. When he is done we gather Josie up and we all head back inside. Both pups will take care of business pretty quickly.

6:20 a.m. - Toby goes back into his kennel with a treat. Josie and I go to the bedroom to wake up K. I rub K's back as Josie lays at the foot of the bed. I finally tell Josie to wake K up and she'll scootch between us and promptly try to fall back asleep. I make her give K kisses to wake him up as we both rub on her.

6:30 a.m. - I let Toby out of his kennel and he'll immediately sit with his back to me wedging himself against my crotch as I sit with my legs folded around him. I scratch his back and his neck. Finally, I tell him let's get K.

6:35 a.m. - I let Josie out of the bedroom with K (usually they are both asleep again) and immediately let Toby into the bedroom where he takes his job seriously to wake up K by pouncing on him and giving him as many stinky kisses as possible.

6:37 a.m. - Josie expects me to chase her down the hallway so I always pretend like I'm going to pounce on her. She'll get excited and race down the hallway. We end the chase with a big hug in the kitchen.

6:40 a.m. - I'll usually pour myself some cereal and then make lunches for K and I to take to work. I'll eat spoonfuls of cereal as I get our lunches together.

I'll wash all the morning dishes in the sink and then pour myself a cup of coffee.

Next on the agenda would be to hang clothes straight out of the dryer if I had anything drying that morning. Otherwise, I would just go on to cleaning Dizzy's litter box.

6:45 a.m. - Get my gym bag ready for the day. Top, bottom, underwear, two sports bras, socks, and make sure to not forget to pack my running shoes. After this I start to dress myself for work.

Now this is where things get tricky because who knows how long it'll take me to get dressed. Some days it's easy and other days I'm like nothing fits or I have nothing to wear!

7:10 a.m. - Put on make-up. I wear: moisturizer with SPF15, foundation with SPF15, powder, and blush.

7:15 a.m. - Blow dry hair

7:30 a.m. - Put socks on; grab my gym bag and put it in the kitchen; grab our lunch bags and fill them with our lunches; wash K's breakfast dishes and our coffee cups; pour K a to go coffee mug; run around and do last minute little forgotten things

7:45/50 a.m. - Out the door for work.

**K is on the scene too and usually after he eats his breakfast he'll do bills, a bit of clutter clean up, but primarily he'll take care of the dogs by taking them outside again and putting them up before we leave for the day.

I guess doing a play by play of what I do in the mornings seems like a lot. In the evenings, though, K is the one who's moving and grooving. As soon as we get home he takes the dogs for a walk. K is also the one who primarily cooks our dinner.

Routine at times seems so boring and dull but I am a creature of habit and like her every day routine.


Chaybee said...

WOW! You are a driven woman in the a.m.!

Chrissy said...

whoa. i saw the length of this and thought it was going to be your whole day. i nearly had a heart attack when i saw that it was just the morning. you are amazing!

Mary T said...

You are amazing! This routine is exhausting; I need a wife! I wish Matt would take over morning duties so well, but the best I can usually get him to do is make the coffee, if I haven't beaten him to it.


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