Sunday, November 23, 2008

movies, foods, coffees, friends!

So, on Friday night K took me to watch "Twilight" and the theater was packed full of pre-teens and teenagers. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole theater was silent when the movie started. There was laughing during parts where "Twilight" fans related to what was going on the screen because of what we were privy to in the book. At the end of the movie there was applause. I love it when a theater audience reacts so lovingly to a long awaited movie.

Yes, the movie was cheesy.

Yes, the acting wasn't terribly great.

Yes, the actor who played Edward was hot.

I went into watching "Twilight" with no high hopes other than just being an adoring fan who must see the movie and I came away enjoying the big screen experience with other "Twilight" fans.

I made the agreement with K that he could take me to see the movie if he agreed to not say one negative thing about it. He behaved and even admitted that he liked the movie. Maybe he only said that since he agreed to not say anything bad but I'll leave it alone and not question it. :)

We spent Saturday afternoon having lunch with Darrell and Franzi at Nijiya. This was my second meal there for the weekend. I finally sampled the sweet potato roll. It was okay but not as flavorful as I had imagined it would be. I tried their eel roll for the first time too and it was pretty delicious. We ended our luncheon with D & F at Java Jacks. I followed F's beverage taste and also got a steamer and it was yummy and hit the spot. However, it made me feel sleepy. I guess warm milk does work to help with the sleepies.

Luckily, we had eaten light at Nijiya's since we had a dinner date with K's aunt and uncle. They took us to Auntie Pastas where I had an awesome vegetarian pizza. K, the uncle, and friend Carey had the Vinny Skinny which was a buck wheat spaghetti dish that had artichoke hearts, peppers, olives, and a bunch of other flavorful toss-ins.

Today (Sunday) I spent the morning with Merci skating around campus and then at Java Jacks where we reward our skating with coffee. I came home and baked cookies for K and I and also for his gaming group. Nothing like packing back on the calories that you just burned off.

After baking cookies I felt motivated enough to start a crocheting project with some really neat sparkly yarn.I hope that Hobby Lobby has more of this yarn. If not then my project is dead. *sigh* While crocheting I watched a movie called "Saving Face." K and I also watched "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday special and also turning it into a birthday weekend. This new week will also be awesome too since it'll be a short work week. Suh-weet!


Chaybee said...

Sounds like you had a killer weekend. We need to get together soon for some post-b day celebrating.. skip-bo, perhaps?

Zay said...

i love skip-bo at the R's. :)

KB said...

Sounds like Auntie Pasta is getting better. That was my favorite restaurant until the cockroach incident in the salad .... barf.

I'm glad you had a good birthday weekend.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Twilight. Kinda eh but zeroed in on the fifteen year old girl inside me with laserlike precision.


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