Friday, December 05, 2008

still rockin' the bday

Hello! K and I are back home from our adventures. This first adventure was my 35th being celebrated in Houston at Tony's a day after Thanksgiving. I was surprised with a delicious cake and a huge sombrero. I must say that I pull off a sombrero pretty well.

This here be K with his penned in "Dirty Sanchez" 'stache. The 'stache was a crowd pleasure.

However, the real crowd pleaser was making fugly teeth out of lemon rinds. Here's Dana with fugly lemon teeth and the sombrero.

Here's Danny with fugly teeth and sombrero too. The sombrero was a hit during my belated bday party. I highly recommend huge sombreros, penned in 'staches, and fugly lemon teeth.
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Chrissy said...

you look great in a sombrero! i love birthdays that last for weeks...

amy said...

those teeth are the creepiest -- and funniest -- thing i have seen in a loonnnng time!!! and you can certainly rock a sombrero, my sweet!


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