Saturday, November 22, 2008

useless bday facts

My bday gifts:
-$ from parents
-a date with my honey to watch "Twilight" with the agreement that he couldn't say one negative thing about the movie :)
-metallic pink nintendo ds lite
-nintendo brain age2
-nintendo big brain academy
-nintendo crosswords

Korean bday tradition:
I was supposed to have eaten seaweed soup today for good luck. My mom was disappointed that this did not happen. I really didn't have the time to make it today.

A specific bday fact about me:
I am a honeymoon baby. My parents were married on February 22nd and then I was born on November 21st. One day shy of an exact nine months.


KB said...

Happy belated birthday to you!!!! I'm going to adopt that tradition, because I love seaweed soup. If I eat it every day, will my luck be thin?

Zay said...

um well...if you eat it every day your skin and hair will look great. :)


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