Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Foreigner Status

I'm so disappointed and also so pissed.

Yesterday, in the mail I got a letter stating that the documents I had provided were not sufficient for passport purposes.

And then I was requested to fill out a supplemental form in order to further prove my identity. WTF?

I call the passport agency and ask some questions regarding the supplemental form like do I really have to list every single place I have ever lived inside and outside of the U.S. since I was born? The answer was, "um, yes."

me: So, I cannot just list the places I have lived on my own as an adult?

passport rep: Well, it's best to list every address that you can.

me: Can I just name states or countries and list broad ranges of dates of when I think I lived there? I was an Army brat and don't remember all of my physical addresses.

passport rep: Yes, if that is all you can remember.

me: Can you tell me what the discrepancy was that flagged me to have to provide extra information to prove my identity.

passport rep: Did you recently renew your driver's license?

me: Uh...yes...yes, I did. I had to get a reclassifcation.

passport rep: Yeah, your driver's license is too new.

me: *blink*

me: Too new?

passport rep: Yes

me: Is it rude of me to say that is a bit crazy?

passport rep: ...

me: *sigh* Okay, thanks.

So, y'all if you apply for a passport any time soon make sure to not renew your driver's license first because then you'll be required to mail your first born baby with a red, white, and blue birthmark on their forehead in order to prove you are a true blue American.

Of all the things to be flagged for....aaaaaaargh! Just give me my passport, already!


JC said...

this royally sucks.. there's still time though, right, to get it?

ahh, our homeland security, protecting americans.. i feel patriotic just hearing the hassle they're giving you

amy said...

HA! that's hilarious!! i am proud of you for being so cool and calm about it on the phone though. i for sure would have said something angry and stupid that would have landed me on the watch list for the rest of eternity. HAHAHAHA!

hang in there. i'm sure they're doing this for your own good and it probably hurts them more than it hurts you. AHAHAHHAHAHAAA!

KB said...

Where are you going? You don't need a passport to come to Oregon, silly goose.


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