Monday, September 08, 2008


Friday Food:
-Went to a bbq at my boss' house where all I could eat was white bread. I'm glad I thought to eat some cereal before we went. Oh they did provide dessert too so I did get to eat a piece of peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

-Sampled some delicious cheeses at Scott's surprise bday party. Also, I was addicted to these bite sized pretzels that were filled with peanut butter. Oh! and lovely lovely grapes and pears. Mmmm.

Friday Fun:
-Even though it was a forced social at my boss' house we did make the best of it and enjoyed ourselves.

-Chay had a surprise bday party for Scott and was successful in keeping it a surprise. C&S were fabulous hosts and we had a wonderful time. There was a beer and cheese pairing which was pretty interesting. Chay and Tracy did some research and led everyone through on which cheeses and beers to sample together. I just stuck around to fill my gullet with the cheeses. Nom nom nom. :)

Friday Exercise:
-I walked the pups for an hour in my neighborhood.

Saturday Food:
-K and I had a Taco Bell cheesy, rice, bean burrito for lunch and ate his homemade salsa.

-For dinner I made miso soup, rice, and a Korean stewed and marinaded black bean dish - kong jjang

We also had a large and yummy salad from D&F. K cooked bulgogi and mackerel. For dessert we had watermelon, mango, and pineapple. I was quite full after all was said, done, and eaten.

Saturday Fun:
-Darrell and Franzi came over so I could show F how to make the Korean black bean dish. D and I were working on defrothing the beans, Franzi had the job of stirring the miso soup, and K waited patiently for all of us to get out of his way. While working on these beans K and I had dinner in the works too, which is all listed in the Saturday Food section. :) We hadn't cooked for D&F in a long time so it was a nice evening hanging out with them.

Saturday Exercise:
-I went to the Rec Center and hit the indoor track:
Walked 3 laps
Jogged 1 mile (7 laps=1 mile)
Walked 4 laps
Jogged 2 miles
Walked 3 laps

Sunday Food:
-For Breakfast I had kong jjang with rice.

-For dinner K skilleted us up some Morning Star Prime Grillers and veggie baked beans.

Sunday Fun:
-I lounged in the morning drinking many cups of coffee and watched "Spanglish" again.

-K bought me two plant stands and I looooove looking at my plants all organized on the two shelved stands. Who knew something like plant stands could make me so happy. :)

-I picked up Chrissy and we headed to Mary's for some spectacular girl time. We all ended up being productive by finishing up some crafting projects we three had to finish.

Sunday Exercise:
-I started this push up progam: One Hundred Push Ups
I'm level 2 so I had to do:
7 pushups
wait 60 seconds
7 pushups
wait 60 seconds
5 pushups
wait 60 seconds
4 pushups
wait 60 seconds
and then max out on pushups (max should be at least 5)

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KB said...

They re-did one of the best parties that I've ever had the privilege of being invited to? I loved the beer and cheese parties. I talk about it all the time. I also want to throw one myself one day when I have enough money to afford more than a 6-pack.


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