Tuesday, September 02, 2008

this and that

New and not so new news about my long nice weekend:

Friday Food:
-I made a lovely miso soup for dinner. Dump some rice into the soup and go to town. Yummy and filling.

Friday Fun:
-Played Mario on the Nin DS Lite and just hung out at the casa...was a very relaxing night.

Friday Exercise:
-Elliptical Trainer, 50 minutes

Saturday Food:
-K made us Fantastic Foods' tacos which I never really get tired of and it was gooood.

Saturday Fun:
-Swam with my little cousin K for about two hours.

-Watched Tropic Thunder with K and D.

Saturday Exercise:
-Walked the dogs for an hour at Pecan Park.

Sunday Food:
-K made a delicious rice dish that had salsa, black beans, and left over Fantastic Foods' taco faux meat; he also made a chick pea/hominy dish that was buttery and garlic-licious; K also grilled up some Morning Star grillers and black bean patties for some very filling veggie burgers.

-I baked a batch of chocolate raspberry thumb print cookies.

-D&F made a humongous and tasty salad that had a bunch of crunchy goodness in it.

-The little 'cuz made her own version of my chocolate velvet balls and made chocolate covered lemon balls.

Sunday Fun:
-I got to hang out with J for a while which is a rare treat.

-K and I decided to head to the aunt and uncle's house a street over from us to have a little bbq. We invited D&F to come play, as well. We brought a bunch of delicious foods and devoured a good bit of it and afterwards we all played in the pool for some night time swimming until about 10 p.m.

Sunday Exercise:
-Franzi and I met up for a grueling game of racquetball and we did some pool aerobics too.

Monday's Food:
-I baked another batch of chocolate raspberry thumb print cookies.

-I had several of Merci's awesome deviled eggs. I lovers them! I had a veggie dog which was kind of weird but not bad and also a very tasty vegetarian potato salad. I had my first plantain that was covered in black beans and a Mexican cream and it was pretty good! I think that I would have enjoyed the dish just the same with or without the plantain.

-Tracy's pina colada was divine.

Monday's Fun:
-We went over to Merci and Tracy's for a Labor Day Party which was turning into a Hurricane Gustav party. Hurricanes to drink were readily available per request to the bartender. It was fun to hang out with good friends before having to face the music today of going back to the grind.

Monday's Exercise:
-Walked the dogs for 45 minutes.


KB said...

With all the faux this and the faux that, I had to double check to make sure this was your blog and not Chrissy's that I was reading.


Zay said...

Kealy, I know...right? :)


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