Monday, August 04, 2008


+I was supposed to be at home working on a project Friday night. Instead, I got a call from a friend who just got a new job. We celebrated the good news at Asia City with yummy Chinese and Japanese food.

-The con of this good news is they'll be moving to Arkansas in two weeks.

+After working out on Saturday I got to eat birthday cake at a 2 yr. olds birthday party. I also had cheese puffs and lots of baby carrots and dip. I think I drank a real coke too.

-All those things mentioned above that I had eaten were my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

+I went to craft night at Chrissy's and worked on my embroidery project. I love my crafting group.

-I didn't finish my embroidery project like I had planned on doing but I'm a slow embroiderer.

+On Sunday I got to pick up a ton of tomatoes from Mary's house which are fantastic. When I got home I ate two or three of them right away. Afterwards, I went swimming and it was fantastic. I also got to rush home in the rain on my scooter. I was just a street over swimming at the aunt and uncles so I didn't have far to go to get home. So the ride in the rain was exhilarating. I think I was smiling the whole way home.

-The rain also brought a loud thunder storm which made the electricity flicker a couple of times before going out. It was only for like 20-30 minutes, though.


KB said...

Try going full speed. The rain will feel like little needles and your smile will turn upside down.

What's Asia City? Is that in Nacogdoches? What is going on?

Zay said...

Kealy: Asia City is a new restaurant in Nac. They're a sit down restaurant that offers Chinese or Japanese food. They even offer hibachi grills where a chef will slice and dice for you on the grill. It's not too bad actually. I was surprised.


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