Thursday, July 31, 2008

you got to move it move it

It's all about getting physical this fine fine summer.

I have been side-stepping, lunging, booty shaking, bosu boarding, and over all just moving and shaking it.

I've been doing all of these things in different aerobics classes I have been attending at our university's recreation center. I've gotten to sample a steps, trim 'n tone, and salsa class.

I really love the environment of an aerobics class. Shiny wood floors, mirrored walls (I'm a bit vain), colorful equipment that I don't have to buy, and preferably a peppy instructor who can keep a class in sync and energized.

Exercising on my own can be very cathartic but being a part of a group all prepared to sweat and pant together to some high speed beats is absolutely fun to me.

Plus, I haven't gone out to dance in ages and this gives me a chance to wiggle my butt and bop my head.


KB said...

Good for you. The only thing I've been doing is biking. My middle section is paying the price. It's hard to be motivated to do it by oneself.

Mary T said...

Good for both of you. Instead of shaking anything, I've just been sitting on my behind typing things into a box that says "you have a good grade, but what is the point?" Well, I wish the box would say that. Then it would be a machine of truth. Instead it really says things like PC load letter.


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