Wednesday, July 30, 2008

nosepicking, excuses, trinkets....

As the summer months have been tumbling by I've been trying to not grumble about how boring summer time can be at the university. I try to take it all in and enjoy the absolute calmness that falls on the campus during the summer months. Well, that is not a good descriptive because there are summer camps taking place with middle/high schoolers causing havoc around the college. However, in my office it is pretty peaceful with no commotions.

I've been spring cleaning and trying to get some semblance of order in this place before the chaos begins for the new fall semester.

I need to take that spring cleaning to my home and get some things together and be prepared to load up my stuff for a garage sale I'll be participating in this weekend. I've had several weeks but I have been procrastinating horribly. In my defense, though, (all excuses, I know...*sigh*) I have been keeping myself busy and not just sitting around picking my nose. There's nothing wrong with picking your nose but yeah I've been doing things that are a bit more productive than nose picking, yo.

What things have I been doing you might ask or maybe you didn't because you don't care. That's cool but I'm going to tell you any ways.

I have been working on an embroidery project and I have decided I need to buy a thimble or something like that because this project is killing my fingers. I haven't been pricking myself with the needle but the other end of the needle is pretty sharp too when you really have to push your needle through a heavy material. This project is taking longer than I expected but I've never been fast at embroidery.

I've cleaned out some kitchen cupboards in order to get all of my spices into one place and the same goes for all of my drinking glasses. This also allowed me to use my new spice rack which is pretty sweet. It's also been an occasion where I've collected a few things for the garage sale like drinking glasses that are not a part of a full matching set any more or jars and other non useful kitchen clutterers.

I've made a spot in my guest room's closet and have hung up all of my purses. It's nice to have them all in one spot where I can find them easily. My only complaint with my home is I wish I had more and bigger closets.

My productivity has come to a screeching halt since my little cousin handed over "Twilight" to me for my reading pleasure. I have a thing for vampires and I've always adored a lot of YA books. So, I'm going to need to find some will power to save my reading for bed time and get to cracking on some of the boxes in my garage. I know there are garage sale treasures galore to be found in those wrapped up trinket cardboard cocoons.

update: I have been told that the garage sale has been moved to September when it's not as hot as Hades. Yay! I don't have to put down my book! Ha.


Chrissy said...

when and where is the yard sale? i am a sucker for a good deal.

Mary T said...

Ditto Chrissy and do you think your cuz will let ME borrow Twilight after?

Zay said...

chrissy: the yard sale has been cancelled and it will not be until september

mary: i'll ask the cuz if she minds. it reads fast and i cannot stop reading it. :)

amy said...

Love, love, LOVE that spice rack. How brilliant. If I ever have a house and a kitchen with cabinet space to spare, you can bet I will get some of those too!!

Zay said...

amy: the spice rack has been pretty convenient. i wish i had the room to get another.

JC said...

Ooooh, take a pic of the spice rack & post it.. or i'll just have to come over again to see it for myself!

congrats on the reprieve from impending garage sale-itis


KB said...

I <3 garage sales.


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