Monday, August 11, 2008

i love to be me

Well, once again the weekend is over and it's back to reality. The reality for this week, though, is a four day work week and also for next week. I love taking Fridays and Mondays off to prolong a too short weekend which in turn also shortens the work weeks.

K's bday is the reason why I'm taking days off of work. It's always fun to celebrate occasions by getting to miss work.

This past weekends highlights/lowlights:

+Meeting up with Ron & Julie and about 20 other people for Maki's art opening dinner at Asia City. The long wait for our food was tolerable because our dinner companions were a lot of fun. Maki was dressed in a beautiful kimono and bowed to us all as we said our farewells later in the evening.

-I had to attend Commissioning for work and had to miss Maki's art opening. I was pretty disappointed but I believe her show will be up until early September.

+I woke up early on Saturday to take the dogs for their walk and the morning felt so nice. Even though I grumble about waking up at 6:30 to take the dogs for their walk I always enjoy it. Plus, I'm pretty wide awake by the time I call up my mom for our weekend chat.

+I ran a mile at the Rec Center and almost died since I pushed myself to do a 9 min 50 sec mile. Pretty sad, no? Oh well. I was happy with that since I'm not running regularly at this moment. I also did weights and felt pretty accomplished afterwards.

-I'm not very happy with the Rec Center's hours at the moment. I shake my fists at them.

+Dinner with the D&F at Asia City. Yeah, that's right. We had dinner there two nights in a row. However, this time I got the bento box dinner and wasn't very impressed with it. So next time I'll know to stay away from the bento boxes.

+G-reg visited us later Saturday night and hung out with us for quite a while. He has exciting plans to fly to NYC this week with his son. Happy travels, G-reg!

-Sometime over the weekend I had finished reading "Eclipse" and was left with no fourth book to read because the 'lil cuz is still reading it. *sigh*

+Met up with Franzi for some racquetball action on Sunday. We might have played horribly but at least we always have a good laugh. We finished up by going swimming and did many lunges in the lap pool.

+K and I watched "My Kid Could Paint That" and it was an interesting documentary. I love you Netflix.

+K cooked us up some crab claws and steamed vegetable rice. So damn tasty!

Overall it was a very cool weekend. There was a great balance of being active, having fun, and relaxing. It doesn't get much better than that.


pacer said...

Hey! I'm reading New Moon!

Haven't forgotten about the Wii number, BTW. It's in there somewhere and I WILL find it.

jc said...

i think netflix should give me a commission for all the people i've bragged to about them.. and now you love it like i do!! see they should give you a commission for posting it on your blog too!!

:) J

jc said...
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KB said...

I heard Maki had a show in Portland. .. or maybe she was going to do a show in Portland. Next time you see her, will you ask her for me? I would love to drive up and see it.


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