Friday, August 22, 2008

let's pause for a moment

Interaction in a gay bar:

Crazy eyes walks up to me and informs me this song is either called "Selena" or this is Selena's song. I couldn't tell to be honest because the guy had crazy eyes and they were distracting.

Crazy Eyes: This is Selena.

Me: Sure.

Crazy Eyes: babblebabblebabble...Shake yo boobs...*he wiggles his shoulders to demonstrate how I should shake my boobs*

Me: *blink* Uh, this is a happy sort of song but not really my thing.

Crazy Eyes: no, no...shake yo boobs...*he is wiggling his shoulders again*

Me: No, I'm fine. *smiling but not making eye contact any more and sipping my beer; by now I'm considering bringing up sports talk to distract this guy away from Selena and my boobs*

This guy named Greg walks up and then turns around and walks backward towards Crazy Eyes as they are both now wiggling their shoulders as if they are shaking their boobs...they shimmy back and forth with one another.

Me: *blink, blink*

The music pauses for a split moment.

Greg and Crazy Eyes pause their shaking as the song pauses and simultaneously they shout "SELENA"...the pausing ends and they start to shake and wiggle their shoulders and body again.

Me: *blink*

I thought, "Thank goodness! It's just an "in" thing that I didn't get and Crazy Eyes wasn't all that interested in my boobs after all."


KB said...

Oh that Crazy Eyes. I wish I knew what song you were talking about.

Zay said...

Yeah, I still don't have a clue what that song was.


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