Monday, August 25, 2008


weekend highlights:

+got to spend some time with a friend who came into town on friday night; he ended up being an overnight guest...thank goodness i had some clean sheets ready to go for the guest bed.

+ran two miles straight two days in a row

+went to lufkin so K could get a new computer; i'm happy that he's happy

+got to see uncle joe and hang with family

+mary and matt got to hang with our family too as we bbq-ed and chilled; it was also marvelous mary's bday on that saturday

+getting super excited watching an Olympic track event with the mrt's; i didn't realize mary could affect me like that but that girl gets pumped during the Olympics

+rode my scooter on a beautiful breezy morning

+finally getting to swim late sunday

+watched an interesting documentary about the origins of crump dancing.


-while we were at the aunt and uncle's during saturday night's storm josie decided she was going to chew her way to freedom by gnawing on a door frame in her frantic anxious state....*sigh* why do we have dogs again?

-i didn't get to see mary's new swimsuit because we didn't end up swimming saturday night. a thunderstorm thwarted us in the beginning and then the fantastic dinner we had would have sunk us like concrete blocks.

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Chrissy said...

that sounds like so much fun! i want to BBQ soon.


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