Friday, August 22, 2008

oh, just stuff...

Random thoughts:

-K and I finally put in our applications for passports this week. Suh-weet! I can't wait to get those in the mail. It's been a long time since I've owned a passport. I wonder if my mom has mine from when I used to be a world traveler as a kid.

-The gym is finally open again on campus. I wish I could dig around in my purse for a bubble of motivation. I have been enjoying being lazy for the last several days.

-I really want to see "Pineapple Express."

-I love cook books more than I love to cook.

-I hate planning...really, I do.

-I think I walk faster than I run.

-I'm relieved it's Friday.

-I'm not looking forward to Monday because it's the first day of fall semester and I'll be fighting for a parking place because of all the students parking illegally on campus. Also, it's the first day of the ISDs back in session and I hate yellow school buses!


the German said...

wow, you are even worse than me! i hate people who can't drive (especially since i will be riding my bike again). i don't mind yellow school buses, i think they are cute... ;0)

KB said...

I <3 cookbooks too!


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