Saturday, July 26, 2008

go go go!

It has been a fast paced day. I'm glad that I slept until 9 this morning.

I took the dogs for a 45 minute walk. I then hopped on my scooter and scootled my way to the Rec Center. I pounded out a 2 miler on the track. I scooted back home and baked a cake. K made a vegetarian casserole.

We then went to the aunt and uncle's to visit family that came into town. We stayed long enough that K helped with cleaning off the deck around the pool and I got a grilled cheese sammich made for me.

I dropped K off at home so he could shower and I took necessary goods to my friend's house where his father's wake will be.

I high tailed it back home and frosted my cake and have changed my clothes and now have a bit of time where I chose to blog.

We are leaving now for the wake.

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