Thursday, July 24, 2008

laying track

The other day I tried to run one mile after having not run in over three weeks. What a pathetic try that was with me feeling like a water balloon filled with lead. *jiggle, thud, jiggle, thud*

I was red faced and panting like a dog. I can only imagine sometimes the types of pained looks that appear involuntarily on my face. I am so not that hot chick at the gym.

Well, I have no clue why I thought I would or could run three miles today. Well, let me take that back. As I was walking to the gym I thought, "Enh, I'm going to watch t.v. on the elliptical trainer and weight train. When I got to the gym I was already bored with the idea of the elliptical. I decided I would try for a two mile run on the track at a really slow pace. As I finished two miles I found myself still jogging and kept going until I reached three miles.

Even though it took me like 35-36 minutes to finish those three miles I still feel like a stud. I now feel exonerated from my earlier pathetic efforts. Yay me!


Chrissy said...

wow! i'm so impressed. i need to start running again. you are an inspiration!

Marcy said...

Woo hoo you stud you!

[acer said...

I am embarrassed to say that I probably couldn't do three miles without vomiting. I'm so out of shape, it's sick. SICK.

And I ENVY YOU, taco./

Also, I may or may not have had five glasses of wine prior to this comment. SO?!

Zay said...

chrissy: i'm sure yo man will have you hitting the track soon with him. :)

marcy: i love flattery. haha. :)

pacer: did you call me taco?? well, at least you didn't call me mooseknuckle. hahaha.


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