Monday, May 26, 2008

weekend recap

Happy Anniversary to Us!

-Friday K and I took the day off from work and planned on heading to Lufkin for some eating, shopping, and movie watching. We went to Olive Garden and was told it was probably going to be a 30 minute wait. K and I looked at one another and shrugged like, "eh....we're already here so no big deal." We waited for maybe 5 minutes or more and got seated. It wasn't a phenomenal meal but it was decent. It was almost like eating a pasta dish from Red Lobster's. I'll definitely try it again but it wasn't as good as I remembered Olive Garden to be. It could be I had built their greatness up in my head only because we didn't have the option of eating at one due to vicinity. I think next time I would be happy with just getting the neverending salad and breadsticks and ending the experience with a dessert. We didn't have room for dessert so that was disappointing.

-Shopping at the mall wasn't so bad on a Friday afternoon. I ended up getting some fun items. I got a white studded belt and a Miffy brand bag from Hot Topic. I also got a gaudy pink (they didn't have any other colors in this style) cell phone case and even though the color wasn't my first choice it is still pretty darn cute. I also scored some Chucks that were on sale. \m/

After shopping we had decided that it was a day well spent and we both agreed we'd rather go home than be stuck in a theater for about two hours.

-In the evening we had some unexpected visitors. Team Awesome showed up at our door looking a little confused asking, "It is today, right?" And I'm like oh sweet they showed up to say, "Happy Anny!" to us.

Mary: It's today isn't it?
Me: Uh, yeah.
Matt: We didn't see anyone else and weren't sure.
Me: *it finally dawns on me* OH! Uh...our anniversary is today...but the party...that's tomorrow. :)

**I had sent out an email asking how many could attend if I were to throw a shin dig for our Anny on Saturday evening. By Friday I sent out an email stating that the party was indeed on and I would see everyone six-ish. Mary had read this email and went into high gear to not miss the event on Friday night. :)**

It worked out great because K and I ended our anny with great company and we really enjoyed our time with Team Awesome that night.

Happy Anny to Us Again!

-Saturday was spent mostly at home where we relaxed and also in between relaxing we cleaned house and prepared dishes for our evening anny party. K made his awesome rice salad and he made his much praised meatballs and smokies. I made a pepper salad for the occasion. My little cousin made some yummy chocolate and peanut butter treats. Mary made a superb chocolate cake with candles on top proclaiming "15" and it was so darn lickable. The chocolate frosting was glistening making me crave it right away and the insides were even more delectable with its raspberry filling between the layers. As if they were on the same thought wave Marty made an awesome homemade white chocolate and raspberry ice cream. Damn, girls. Thank you so much! I had a great time as I floated about amongst my friends. To all the ones that couldn't make it I thought about each of you and dribbled out a little of my drink down my chin to all my homies.

Not Quite Memorial Day BBQ

-Sunday, K and I woke up and were surprised that it was 10 a.m. Not a peep from any of our animals. Wow! The party last night and all the socializing must have worn them out too. We watched, "The Trailer Park Boys" movie and it was pretty hilarious. We got a call from K's aunt and uncle inviting us to a BBQ at their home. So, we got ready and went over there for some good grub. It was a nice get together but the weather was so damn humid and I didn't appreciate that at all. We took the pups over there for a little while. We kept them there a little over an hour in the backyard. Toby was harrassing the dogs there and had to remain leashed for the remainder of his time there. Plus, I thought it was a good idea to immerse Toby onto the first step leading into the pool. We did this twice to get him a bit used to the idea of the pool. After he got out his feet and belly were wet and he went right to the dirt bed and immediately wallowed like the piggy he is. *sigh* We had to shower off all the dirt and mud from his body because he decided that was when he wanted to love on everyone and to prevent him from muddying everyone he got showered and leashed. Josie, on the other hand, was so happy and calm and was being so good. She enjoyed being with us and listened pretty well even when she was off leash and not in the gated back yard.

Toby Ridin' Dirty (K's photo)

Josie posin' by the pool (K's photo)

Memorial Day

-Once again K and I were granted the luxury of sleeping in until about 10 a.m. The dogs and I went skating today and it was quite the treat for me. It was a lot of fun being able to skate with my dogs. I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to skate with both of them at the same time but maybe I'll progress to that one day. I have a feeling that we'll hide out today and stay low and enjoy our last day of freedom.


Chrissy said...

i am so sad we missed the anniversary party! especially after hearing the food recap. i'm glad to know it was happy anyway!

KB said...

Wow! Happy anniversary to you two!

Whistling Fool said...

Happy Fifteenth! Sorry i missed celebratin' with you...i'll make it up to you when i get back...lunch? skating? we'll figure something out...
~your pal in DELA-where?

Mary T said...

Happy anniversary once again! I enjoyed celebrating it with you twice!

I LOVE this picture of Toby. He almost blends in with the cement and probably would if he hadn't wallowed. Also, Josie looks like such a glamour girl there. Nice photos!


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