Saturday, May 31, 2008

Being 12 again ain't easy...

So, I went skating for the first time on some Landroller skates. I skated around the campus track for almost an hour during my lunch break. My boss' daughter wasn't too crazy about the skates after using them just a couple of times. So, my boss' wife offered them to me since she knew that I skated. The skates were awkward and heavy. It was pretty much like an in-line skating experience except just a tad weirder in sensation. The wheels are so large that they felt like they would trip me up some.

And tripped me up they did. I skated for about 50 minutes without incident and turned back to my work building and bit it good. I took on a bit of speed on a very small hill and the brakes were a bit awkward for me. I braked until it squealed and then the next thing I knew I was about to meet the ground. Since, I was too impatient to try these skates at home where I would have been properly padded up I chose to take this type of risk. I feel like I'm 12 again with my puss-y (pussy??) skinned up knees and scabby hand.
Luckily, I used to play Roller Derby so I was well acquainted with falling down. As soon as I had hit the ground on both knees and one hand I instinctually tucked in small and took the rest of the fall into a tuck and roll. If I would have taken the full fall on my hands and knees I know it would have been worse.

Now that children is why we should wear pads when we skate.

However, when I was a wee one they made us kids a lot tougher. We didn't have no stinkin' pads and helmets. We earned our red badges of courage with a bit of blind faith and lots of band-aids.
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Chrissy said...

ow! i was wondering how your skating adventure went. those are some nice bumps and bruises!

Pacer said...

Ouch! Those are some impressive scabs!

KB said...


Can I call you Pussy Knees for the next couple of days?

Zay said...

it's more like hairy pussy knees...i can't shave over my wounds...blah.


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